Most Life Science industries frequently have visits from international guest researchers, key-opinion leader physicians or sales force members. Suddenly there is a gap in the scientific or commercial program with a few hours, a half-day or a full day to fill. Sound familiar?

This is where I can help you. I have guided and hosted plenty of visiting lecturers and guest physicians for over 30 years in my branch. I know what they are interested in, and as an Authorized Stockholm Guide, I have plenty of resources to help, including a network of authorized guides with many languages at their disposal. Contact me so that we can customize a program with you for your next group of visitors!


Sweden has a rich 1,000-year-old history in developing medical practice and innovation.

We offer a customizable tour going from health and medical care in the Viking era and early Medieval health care and hospital care.

Tour highlights may also include the first anatomical surgical theatre in Scandinavia, and the Museum of Medical History in Uppsala where global historical innovations such as the first cardiac pacemaker and mechanical ventilator can be seen.

The Medical History tour would not be complete without viewing highlights from the Nobel Prizes in physiology and medicine throughout the years. This includes visits to the Nobel Museum as well as to the iconic Stockholm City Hall, were the Nobel Prize Banquets are held each year.


Your corporate guests might be interested in learning more about the unique era and culture of the Vikings during their visit to Sweden. We can help you to customize a tour for them for a few hours or a half-or full day as you desire.


If your guests are visiting the Capital of Scandinavia for the very first time, we are delighted to customize a tour for them including the highlights of Stockholm.


We are happy to customize other guided tours for your academic and industry guests.  Our Corporate Guide Services are duly authorized: