Life science marketing projects may encompass a wide range of activities, from developing instructions for use or a product insert, product brochures, product launch implementation, congress activities, communication campaigns and more.


The pivotal moment in any life science product is the first public introduction. But to get here you may need months of meticulous planning, teamwork and execution of deliverables and activities.

I have extensive expertise in international product launching, from pharmaceutical products such as Fragmin®, invasive medical devices such as PressureWire® coronary measurement system, and the launch of critical care ventilator platforms such as the SERVO-i® ventilator.

Critical care ventilator platforms are among the most complex medical devices, providing life support tailored to each individual patient. The platforms generally are developed and launched only once a decade. 
As Launch Project Manager for Siemens-Elema, I provided launch planning, value proposition, team collaboration and management and composed and developed a wide range of deliverables. This took place during a two year period from 1999 to the final consolidated and legendary product launch at an intensive care congress in March 2001.


This is where Life Science companies are required to strike that critical balance: provide the strongest messaging possible but in respect of regulatory requirements.  We have the experience to help you achieve that sweet spot in your marketing communications, in campaigns as well as traditional brochures and product marketing materials. 


The assignment: interventional cardiologists had been navigating by imaging means only for years. Come up with a campaign to help them understand what they were missing by using new physiological methodology, Fractional Flow Reserve, or FFR.

The results: project management and copywriting an award-winning campaign: Looks can be Deceiving.


I offer a broad range of experience in copywriting and developing Life Science product marketing materials, from Deltec Systems when homecare was brand new to product materials in different application areas such as dental implants, interventional cardiology and intensive care.

Product communication may also be digital. I have written manuscripts to produce many digital product materials, such as the St Jude Medical PressureWire Agile Tip film from 2012:

The SERVO-U ventilator product launch film from 2013:

The TK 210 ELISA product presentation film from 2015: