AroCell AB

PR and Marketing Communication manager. Responsible for producing press releases, educational marketing materials and films.

Maquet Critical Care AB

Launch project consultant for SERVO-U and SERVO-n ventilator platform launches.

Editor-in-chief for Critical Care News magazine 2005-2011.

Medicvent AB

Translation of corporate and product website Swedish to English and composing and translating medical device manuals.

Novus Scientific AB

Medical writing and publication of patient case report series and retrospective study, breast surgery.

OssDsign AB

Interim Product Manager assignment, composition and generation of marketing materals and package inserts.

Pedersen and Partners

Marketing research assistance/support

Phosworks Digital Ideas AB

Project Manager Consultant assignment for specific Life Science projects.

Psidac AB

Generation of educational slide deck for the CPS 6000 air pressure monitoring system, scientific reference source lists and PR materials.

Radi Medical Systems AB

Marketing communications manager for intracoronary and hemostasis product lines as well as generation of corporate marketing materials.

Scandinavians for Life

Copywriting and translation of English version of corporate website.

Siemens-Elema AB

Marketing program manager for development of Open Lung concept materials.

Project launch manager for launch of SERVO-i ventilator platorm.

St Jude Medical Systems

Product manager and responsible for launch of new generation of PressureWire system.

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